SaaS Platform

Fast charging experience, improved travel efficiency.

  • SaaS Platform

    Excellent APP experience

    Excellent user interaction experience and integrated big data analysis technology. New users can charge themselves by following the guide.

  • SaaS Platform

      Multi-user type support

    Personal accounts and enterprise accounts are supportable; Enterprise accounts support binding of multiple personal accounts, whose charging can be settled together via enterprise accounts.

  • SaaS Platform

    Multiple station operation modes

    Various operation modes such as franchise, agency operation and personal use.

  • SaaS Platform

    Multiple charging initiation modes

    APP QR scanning, card swiping, scheduling, vehicle identification, etc.

  • SaaS Platform

    Multiple charging modes

    Intelligent charging, instant charging, fixed duration charging, pre-set time charging, etc.

  • SaaS Platform

    Multiple settlement modes

    Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, coupons, vouchers and other payment methods.

  • SaaS Platform

    Flexible billing strategy

    Charging can be billed differently according to charging station, time, operation type, terminal type, customer group and charging initiation modes.

  • SaaS Platform

    Big data analysis capability

    Through big data analysis technology, the product provides data prediction and analysis services for the operation and maintenance of charging facilities, improving equipment profitability and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

  • SaaS Platform


    Data interconnection is established between the government supervision platform, company platform and industry-related platform.


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