Product Products
  • Integrated DC Charger

    Output Power:80/120/160kW

    Application Scenario:Provide charging to passenger cars, commercial vehicles and other models.

    Product advantages:It has the functions of human-computer interaction, card swiping, billing, settlement, remote control, etc.

  • 7kW AC Charger

    Output Power:7kW

    Application Scenario:AC charging products is suitable for batteryelectric/hybrid models and fully meets the relevant standards.

    Product advantages:The product is small in size, exquisite in appearance, easy to install, and simple in operation. Users can independently complete charging, payment and other operations. It is suitable for various places where AC charging is required.

  • European Standard Integrated DC Charger

    Output Power:120kW/150kW/160kW/180kW

    Application Scenario:Charging for NEVs with small battery capacity, such as private cars, light trucks.

    Product advantages:The charging module can adapt to a variety of harsh environments after reliability and durability tests of wet dust, vibration, salt spray and so on.

  • Integrated DC Charger

    Output Power:240/320kW

    Application Scenario:The fast charging requirements of medium and heavy trucks, sanitation vehicles, mining trucks, passenger transport, public transport and other vehicles can be met.

    Product advantages:This product mainly provides high-power fast charging service for new energy vehicles.

  • American Standard Integrated DC Charger

    Output Power:120/160/240/320kw

    Application Scenario:It is mainly used for fast charging of EVs in the Americas.Provide charging to passenger cars, commercial vehicles and other models.

    Product advantages:It has the functions of human-computer interaction,card swiping, billing, settlement, remote control, etc.Consistent with the input requirements of the American standard, it can automatically adapt to the charging voltages of different vehicles.

  • Split DC Charging Pile

    Output Power:480kW

    Application Scenario:The needs of various charging operation scenarios can be met.

    Product advantages:Based on full matrix topology,the latest edition of 480kW flexible shared charging pile products feature power distribution on demand.

  • 20kW Integrated DC Charger

    Output Power:20kW

    Application Scenario:Car & Light truck.

    Product advantages:Wide charging voltage range, small body and convenient installation (pile or wall-mounted installation supportable).

  • Intelligent Current Collection System

    Output Power:

    Application Scenario:The product is suitable for trams and trolleybuses.

    Product advantages:It has intelligent functions such as early warning of off-grid and automatic loweringof off-gridpole, to effectively guarantee safe operation.

  • High power automatic charging system

    Output Power:360kW-600kW

    Application Scenario:Bus Depot & Public Operation Station.

    Product advantages:The automatic docking can be completed in 10 seconds after the vehicle is parked in the charging parking space, and the driving range can be increased by 100 kilometers after 15-minute charging, and 100% SOC can be reached within 1 hour.

  • Automatic charging system for micro mobility

    Output Power:120kW-160kW

    Application Scenario:Bus depot and public operation station.

    Product advantages:Extremely fast charging, fully automatic, easier operation.


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